Mission, Vision, and Objectives

Our vision is to become a benchmark in the field of accessibility to information and communication, bridging the gap between the world of research and the social and business fabric. We want to offer solutions to a diverse society where everyone should have access to information, culture, and education.

AccessCat Network’s mission is to foster and develop the transference and valorisation of research results on accessibility to information and communication, with special focus on its social impact and the involvement of end users.

Picture of the AccessCat Network’s team

The Network is based on four pillars


Diversity of people, institutions, and companies we may impact, but also diversity within the members of the network and the affiliate entities


Innovation in searching for solutions with a clear social purpose that emerge from research


Leadership through our ambition to become a benchmark in Catalonia in the field of accessibility


Collaboration because this leadership and impact cannot be achieved without the participation of all the affiliated research groups and entities

Actions and transference

To attain our mission, the network strives to provide tools, resources, and support to the groups and perform actions such as:

  • Creating a catalogue of the research groups’ technologies, services, and knowledge

  • Performing awareness-raising activities on accessibility to information and communication

  • Offering guidance and training for businesses, institutions, and entities so they incorporate innovative accessibility technologies and services

  • Holding demonstrations, showcases, and dissemination activities for businesses

  • Supporting research groups to develop disruptive solutions, conduct international missions, and take part in standardisation bodies

Why accessibility?

According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we all have the right to access information, communication, culture, and education. However, we live in an increasingly digital society where the barriers are still clearly present. 

Accessibility is an essential way of guaranteeing social cohesion and equal opportunities. 

Accessibility not only benefits persons with disabilities, migrants, the elderly, or persons with learning disorders or reading difficulties. It benefits us all.

Accessibility generates wealth because it: 

  • improves brands: it adds value to products and services
  • guarantees improved user experience
  • broadens the market: it makes commercialisation and circulation to wider sectors possible while also saving on added costs
  • minimises the risk of legal non-compliance

Our challenge as a society is to create universal products and services. The research the groups in the AccessCat Network perform can help overcome this challenge.

Our challenge

Universal products and services