Accessibility layer integrated into the web360 player ImmAcc that offers a new set of improved presentation modes and personalisation of accessible content and user interaction for 360º video scenarios. 

It provides a full VR360 experience or video and spatial audio, improved with an interactive and hyper-personalised presentation of access service content (subtitles, audio description, and sign language), via accessible user interfaces that have been validated with users with accessibility needs. It also provides assistive technologies such as magnification features, guiding methods, and voice control, which can be efficiently integrated in multi-screen scenarios.

The accessibility layer is decoupled from the traditional media layer but offers seamless blending and allows the integration of immersive and accessibility content in current broadcast-related services. All these access services are provided via independent streams to the main audio and video, thus enabling interactive personalisation and innovative presentation modes, such as attaching visual elements to the field of view, to specific areas of the scene, or just re-positioning and re-sizing them dynamically as desired. 

This architecture allows for the content creation process to be cheaper, faster, and to offer high-quality results if it is integrated with professional writing tools and editors.

This technology is the result of the collaboration between the research centres Media Internet Area (i2Cat) and Transmedia Catalonia (UAB), the Corporació Catalana de Mitjans Audiovisuals (CCMA - TV3), and a private company (Anglatècnic).

  • Technology
Subject area
  • Subtitling
  • Audio Description
  • Sign Language Interpreting
  • Easy Reading - Clear Communication
  • Digital Accessibility

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ImmAcc Player accessibility layer
  • Lead Researcher: Sergi Fernández
  • Research group: MiA
  • Institution: