Open source tool with advanced software to transform (simplify) words, lexical expressions, and even syntactically complex texts while offering simpler and more easy-to-understand solutions (easy-to-read). It can be adapted to the context or audience: people with reading or comprehension difficulties, people who are learning a new language, or people who want to access specific content in a more accessible way. It is currently available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

It is based on current pre-trained linguistic models that have been adapted to perform lexical/syntactic simplification. It has achieved the state of the art in several benchmarking data sets. It is easily customisable to different languages. It maintains the confidentiality and privacy of the simplified texts.

  • Technology
Subject area
  • Easy Reading - Clear Communication
  • Digital Accessibility

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  • Lead Researcher: Horacio Saggion
  • Research group: TALN
  • Institution: