Design of methodologies and strategies for teaching second languages from a universal design approach which allows people, who would otherwise have difficulties, to access foreign languages.

The work that is being done is developed as follows:

  • Analysis, comprehension, and definition of the limiting factors (personal and social) to learning a language.
  • Use of technology as a support tool in learning second languages.
  • Adapting linguistic content to the chosen technology.
  • Methodological adaptation of content for language learning with the use of technology as a support tool.
  • Use with learners who may present difficulties or impairments in learning a second language.
  • Assessment of the linguistic competencies of persons at risk of exclusion to certify their level of knowledge.

As an example of use, a gamified mobile app has been developed to help primary school children in Africa improve their reading comprehension in Swahili.

  • Technology
Subject area
  • Digital Accessibility
  • Easy Reading - Clear Communication

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Screenshot of Google Play with seven example images of a gamified mobile app that helps improve reading comprehension in Swahili
  • Lead Researcher: Mar Gutiérrez-Colón Plana
  • Research group: ReLaTe
  • Institution: