Language learning methodology, applicable through a platform, that offers an immersive, inclusive, and highly efficient learning experience thanks to the combination of:

  • Integrated accessibility strategies: The use of accessibility (subtitles, audio description, etc.) enriches the language learning experience in several ways, offering significant advantages to learners, such as improved pronunciation, lexical richness, and oral comprehension. 
  • Audiovisual immersion: Real and contextualised content is offered through videos, films, series, news, among others.
  • Adaptive / personalized learning: Modern technologies and accessibility techniques are integrated into the system, allowing it to adapt to the user’s pace and learning style.
  • Cultural contextualisation: Cultural, social, and historical aspects related to the language are included, which offers a deeper and more contextualised understanding.

The TRACTE research group combines expert knowledge on three disciplines: online language learning, accessibility to information and communication (audio description, sign language, subtitling), and direct implementation in teaching.

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Subject area
  • Subtitling
  • Audio Description
  • Sign Language Interpreting
  • Easy Reading - Clear Communication
  • Digital Accessibility

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  • Lead Researcher: Eva Espasa
  • Research group: TRACTE
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