The three new groups work on digital accessibility, accessibility to archaeology, and clear communication, respectively.

AccessCat’s board welcomes the research groups GRIHO (UdL), GIAP (ICAC), and Neolcyt (UAB) to the network. After officially formalising the signature of the addendum to the AccessCat agreement, the members of the three groups will be able to fully participate in all the activities, meetings and calls addressed to the members of AccessCat.

Below, you can find out more about each group’s work in accessibility to information and communication.

  1. GRIHO (Human-Computer Interaction and Data Integration Research Group), University of Lleida. The group aims to transfer technology in the fields of human-computer interaction and data integration. Their research is closely linked to digital accessibility, and they have promoted activities related to technology transfer to companies in the fields of usability, accessibility, databases, and user tests. 
  2. GIAP (Group of Landscape Archaeology Research), Catalan Institute of Classical Archaeology. The group specialises in the diachronic characterisation of socioenvironmental interactions and the formation of cultural landscapes based on archaeomorphological, archaeological, bioarchaeological, paleoenvironmental, and computational analyses. Its addition to the AccessCat Network responds to their commitment and work on accessibility to archaeology in educational, cultural, and institutional environments.
  3. Neolcyt (Lexicography, Diachrony, and Spanish as a Foreign Language), Autonomous University of Barcelona. The group works in the field of clear language, intending to make scientific and specialised vocabulary more accessible. They also develop resources to contribute to the incorporation of accessibility in digital administration and their communication with users. The group is part of the Pan-Hispanic Network of Clear Language, led by the Royal Spanish Academy, and is represented in the Network of Clear Language of Colombia.

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Logos for GRIHO, GIAP, and Neolcyt.



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