Researcher Blanca Arias-Badia (TraDiLex, UPF) will participate in the Art in the Streets Sectoral Conference on 30 November to present this guide. The event is an initiative by Plataforma Arts de Carrer.

Plataforma Arts de Carrer will hold the Art in the Streets Sectoral Conference and researcher Blanca Arias-Badia (TradiLex, UPF) will represent the AccessCat Network. This event brings together representatives from the cultural sector and experts on issues such as accessibility, sustainability, and co-production.

Arias-Badia will present a decalogue on accessibility to art in the streets, created together with researchers Anna Matamala, Carme Mangiron, and Estel·la Oncins (TransMedia Catalonia, UAB). Three entities affiliated to the AccessCat Network have also collaborated: SOM Fundació, Associació Catalana per a la Promoció de l’Accessibilitat (ACPA), and Federació de Persones Sordes de Catalunya (FESOCA).

The Art in the Streets Sectoral Conference will be held on 30 November at thel Àtrium Theatre in Viladecans. The event is free, although you must register for it through the registration form

Actors performing at the Àtrium Hall in Viladecans



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