On 19 March, the network will celebrate the resolution event for the Call for disruptive solutions - 2024. Each of the winning solutions will receive up to €20,000 in funding. 

The AccessCat Network’s mission is to promote the transfer of research results on accessibility to information and communication through various initiatives. Among these initiatives is the launch of the Call for disruptive solutions, which celebrates its first edition this year. The goal is to fund studies for the valorisation of disruptive solutions—technologies, services, innovative solutions, etcetera—related to accessibility.

The resolution event will take place on 19 March 2024, from 3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. During the virtual event, proposals that have passed the written phase of the Call for disruptive solutions will be presented orally to the evaluation committee. At the end of the event, the two winning solutions will be announced, each eligible to receive funding of up to €20,000.

The proposals that have passed the written phase are:

  • PLANACCESS: Planning Communicative Accessibility: A new methodology based on research for the educational and cultural sectors. 
    • Researchers: Blanca Arias and Irene Hermosa.
    • Research Group: TraDiLex (UPF).
    • Phase 1 score: 78,50
  • HABLAVIDEO: Methodology for learning linguistic and sociocultural pragmatics. 
    • Researcher: Maria Isabel Gibert. 
    • Research Group: ReLaTe (URV).
    • Phase 1 score: 74,00
  • SCRIBAL: A digital transcriber for teaching. 
    • Researcher: Mireia Farrús. 
    • Research Group: CLiC (UB).
    • Phase 1 score: 67,83

The event will be in Catalan, with live subtitling and interpretation in Catalan Sign Language.

To attend, please complete the registration form.

Accessibility Solutions Awards, resolution of the Call for disruptive solutions – 2024



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