The agreement GOV/29/2024 responds to the citizens' demand for clearer, easier, and more accessible communication with the public administration.

The government of Catalonia continues its commitment to improve citizens' accessibility to information and communication with the approval of a series of measures on clear communication (Agreement GOV/29/2024). According to the Ministry of the Presidency, clearer and easier-to-understand communication is a citizen's demand, as many times citizens "do not understand the language used in the communications they receive, generating distrust and insecurity."

The agreement establishes the creation of guidelines on clear communication that public employees should use when creating content aimed at citizens. The resulting document, a 50-page guide, provides a list of recommendations regarding the use of adverbs and connectors, grammatical structures, content organisation, design, and many other items, all designed to ensure that the content is understood the first time it is read.

To oversee the administration's actions in this field and ensure that the guidelines are being followed, the government will also promote the creation of the Clear Communication Committee.

Clear communication is one of the research subjects of the AccessCat Network, which celebrates the approval of the agreement. The research groups Neolcyt and TransMedia Catalonia, integrated into the network, work from different perspectives on clear communication:

  • Neolcyt (Lexicography, Diachrony, and Spanish as a Foreign Language), from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, works in the field of clear language, intending to make scientific and specialised vocabulary more accessible. They also develop resources to contribute to the incorporation of accessibility in digital administration and their communication with users.
  • TransMedia Catalonia (UAB), in the context of the EASIT project, developed an educational resource with free videos on the subject. TransMedia Catalonia is also involved in the ClearClimate project, funded by the European Commission, which investigates how to create clear information on climate-related topics. 

In addition, in the series 15x15: Accessibility November, Anna Matamala, the main researcher of the TransMedia Catalonia group and director of the AccessCat Network, summarises in less than 15 minutes the key aspects of easy reading and clear communication.

Clear communication website of the Catalan government.



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